Erik Bünger: A Lecture on Schizophonia (S)

The Swedish artist Erik Bünger is internationally recognized for his unique, thought-provoking and fascinating examinations of the nature of the human voice. Taking examples from film, music and popular culture, Bünger’s work explores often surprising side-effects of modern communication technologies such as the telephone and the phonograph and revolves around strange and even diabolic phenomena such as a voice without a body and talking machines. 

The video-installation A lecture on Schizophonia explores a rupture in our experience of the human voice that follows from the invention of audio-communication technologies in the 19th century. This rupture is termed schizophonia: ”That which makes dogs bark at speakers, children look for the man behind the box and savages demand their captured souls returned”. A voice can issue suddenly from nowhere, from the wrong mouth or even from beyond the grave. 

Erik Bünger is a Swedish artist, composer and writer living in Berlin. He has a background studying literature and electronic music composition. His work takes the form of video-installations or performance lectures. 







By: Østre