Woe To The Septic Heart!

When dubstep went from being an underground phenomena in London to going global, a lot of producers felt alienated by the new discourse which was suddenly created. As the interest for dubstep was increasing, the meaningfulness of the term quickly diminished. Dubstep now comprised of everything – and nothing. James Blake and Skrillex were both labeled as dubstep, and quickly confusion ensued. 

Shackleton is one of the producers who experienced this shift up close. He was active in running the label Skull Disco alongside Appleblim and was one of the early dubstep pioneers. Shackletons music has more in common with the dark, bass heavy and gloomy music which first came to be described as dubstep than what followed. Lately he has gained a lot of attention for his experimentation with unusual forms of bass musi



By: Ekko