Samples of inclinations by Tolga Balci (TR)


Samples of inclinations as an ongoing project but for particularly for this exhibition samples of an inclination, includes four pieces of sculpture by Tolga Balci.The combination have clues from architectural and musical interval elements to kindness of a social expression.

“Seemingly by default, we are programmed to enjoy harmony and there is no such thing as unique individual taste or free will. We can also appreciate disharmony, beautiful departures and beautiful destruction, if we perceive how the two ends of the harmonic specter are connected. Some do desire to make a religion under exposure of this fact…”

Tolga Balci, born in Turkey. He lives and works in Bergen. He did his bachelor degree in sculpture at MSGSU Istanbul,followed by a master degree at KHIB. He works with various medias.

Exhibition curated by Roar Sletteland.

Exhibiton is open 13, 14, 15, 16th of May. Closed 17-18th then in between 19-23th of May.


By: Lydgalleriet