Philip Tagney: Disrarspectaktak

This piece misuses the techniques of radio feature-making to construct a number of freshly-pasted panels of sound. Each day of the festival, I will be recording a different rehearsal by artists taking part in Borealis, and asking the musicians questions.


This material will be rushed straight into a digital editor, and used to create that day's piece: Stealing the intimate, private and tentative sounds from musicians rehearsing, adding overheard conversations, asking leading qu- estions, and then mangling the results. Collage, montage, jump-cuts and silence will be employed to ease you into the dreamspace of rehearsal - a space of imagining and playfulness, of try-outs and mistakes. Is that a trombone, or did someone scrape a chair on the floor? Players will talk of their fears of perfor- mance, their anxiety, their dreams, their fantasies of success.

- Philip Tagney, radio producer, BBC -


Utstillingen er et samarbeid med Borealisfestivalen. 



By: Red