Piksel 08 - Code dreams

We are happy to be part of the PIKSEL 08 festival, with four works exhibited on the ground floor.


Loud Objects installation by Tristan Perich, Kunal Gupta and Katie Shima

Sound installations by the Loud Objects employ microchips, patterned along a wall, long wires strung between them and small speakers speckled around. The microchips generate sound as they sit on the wall, forming a chattering ensemble of little black insects. Accompanied by hot soldering irons and graffitied circuit diagrams, the installations encourage the audience to rewire the hardware, it becomes a teaching experience, working against the simple push-button/hand-waving nature of more passive interactivity.



An interactive installation that invites its audience to create a personal piece of sound art. The sounds originally come from the arduino micro controller and a hacked toy sampler. A cable has to be plugged into the jacks on the patch bay to create your own sound. You have to choose and you will always miss something. But when you choose, you will always create something.




Dreaming Machine #1 () by Ben Bogart

Dreams are a complex interaction between our bodies, minds, memories, and experiences. "Dreaming Machine" is a trajectory of artistic works exploring the topic of dreaming. The development of these works will continue through my research into cognitive models of dreaming appropriate to computational implementation in autonomous responsive site-specific installations.



Breed and Weed by Martin Aaserud

Presently, our private information is uploaded to wireless RFID chips in ID cards and passports with the promise of full privacy and security. Breed & Weed seeks naively to question the nature of identity as a flow of digital information. Can it have an agenda of its own? How do we relate to a digital identity when we copy, paste, remix and share all our digital information? Is there such a thing as static information at all?




By: Red