Brandon LaBelle (UK)

Featuring new works by the American artist Brandon LaBelle whose practice incorporates a diverse interest in sound and auditory cultures. Through installation, performance, video, writing and intervention, LaBelle engages with the often subtle and poignant ways sound circulates through everyday life.


For this exhibition he presents a series of new works, including his ongoing Radio Memory project. Consisting of memories sent to the artist from around the world that are tied to specific sounds or songs, the project surveys the audible background of our most memorable experiences. For the exhibition LaBelle has constructed a series of architectural models based on a number of the memories and presented as hypnotic video sequences. Complementing the installation, a series of written scripts by the artist are offered for visitors to read aloud, each one elaborating a story from the radio memory collection and extending the work into a slippage between the past and present, the received memory and the artist's own. The installation stages the memories as a generative platform and invites visitors into an extended narrative.



Complementing the project, LaBelle presents a Proposal to the Buekorps (for 26 drummers). Based on Guy Debord's seminal Society of the Spectacle, which offers a still pertinent critique of consumer culture, the work is a proposed composition for public performance and plays with the relation of the existing Buekorps of Bergen (clubs of marching drummers) and the notion of musical rituals. The work is presented in a room of 26 speakers, and acts as an audible model for future marches. Lastly, the artist's Hearing Things video work is presented in the windows of the gallery and features audio amplified through outdoor speakers. Based on asking participants to describe sounds heard through headphones, the work is a series of portraits that underscore the often difficult and imaginative relation of sound and language. 

By: Red