Filmvisning Erik Bünger: The Third Man

Come rest your weary festival feet, join us for a screening with the final work (the 2nd in the series) in the trilogy of Bünger´s work which we are presenting at Lydgalleriet.

This will also be the last day, last chance to catch the exhibition.

The film runs for 50 minutes & there will be popcorn!!

Free entrance.


The work traces the footprints of an elusive entity called ‘The Third Man’. We hear him move between the pins of the music box; a staggering, predestined forward motion in a crude imitation of life. He takes up residence in the ecstatic body of Julie Andrews, turning seven innocent children into musical puppets, each one reduced to a note in the diatonic scale. He is in the voice of every pregnant mother bathing her defenceless foetus in song.

By: Inga Moen Danielsen