Boklansering Daniela Cascella: F.M.R.L

We´re excited to announce the launch of Daniela Cascella´s book F.M.R.L.

reF.M.R.L. is a book launch created as a series of events for which she asked artists, writers, performers, musicians to remix, rewrite, re-read, respond to the book: to use the book as raw material. 

This approach seeks to challenge the frustrating conventional format of the book launch (where two or three people praise a book that nobody else in the room has read), to work with the book as material presence instead, and to enhance the polyphonies that inhabit and shape F.M.R.L.

Participating in this very different kind of book launch with Daniela will be Jeremy Welsh, Conrad Kemp+Maia Urstad, Signe Lidén.

About this book:

‘Daniela Cascella is the most literary listener I know. In the frenzy of ephemera collected here, she catches echoes between films and philosophy, sculpture and drama, music and novels. Grounded in French surrealism, Italian narrative, and American poetry, F.M.R.L. auscultates books by some of the most magical writers from the past century: Clarice Lispector, Gert Jonke, and — above all — Michel Leiris. In the process, Cascella investigates the very logic of sound: its recursiveness; its decay; its interference patterns and resonant sympathies. Attending to the blur of voices into noise at the borders of understanding, Cascella gives back the songs of sound’s extended techniques, transmuting noise back into poetry at the borders of these pages. F.M.R.L. is a Passagen-werk of the inner ear’.

Craig Dworkin, author of No Medium (MIT Press, 2013)


Full details:

By: Inga Moen Danielsen