Cakewalk & Blank Blank

Hubro - N


Commissioned pieces where an artist creates a new soundtrack for a silent film and perform it live in front of an audience has gradually become a common event at festivals. Whether it's Ugress that plays to "Aelita - Queen Of Mars" (1924), or Jenny Hval who interprets "La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc" (1928). How about turning the idea on its head?


That's what happens when Cakewalk and production company Blank Blank (consisting of Carlos Vasquez and Petri Henriksson), meet on stage at the Ekko festival. While Cakewalk perform their mix of noise, free jazz and krautrock, there are filmmakers who are inspired by music and in turn create visuals on the fly. Using 16-millimeter film and various animation techniques they contribute to that music "can be seen" and interpreted as it is created. The result, according to Cakewalk is an attack on all the senses - it becomes a synaesthetic experience.


Live consists Cakewalk by Stephan Meidell (guitar), Øystein Moen (synth), Kjetil Møster (sax, synth, drum machine) Øyvind Skarbø (drums, percussion).

By: Ekko