Silje Nes «Mirrored/Mirror»

You can almost hear the journey Silje Nes has taken - from growing up in the Sognefjord, via Bergen, to the residence in Berlin - in her music. The sounds of trees, rocks and water, combined with the sounds of dented flea market instruments and harsh electronics. The sounds are filled with fresh air and green nature, but are also characterized by a slightly claustrophobic and whimsical atmosphere.


Using her own voice, guitar, cello, laptop and a four-track recorder has Silje Nes made two strong albums, 'Ames Room "(2008) and" Opticks "(2010), both released on the UK label FatCat. At EKKO she will perform a concert built around the seven inch release "Mirrored / Mirror" (2013). The A side contains a piece of music composed for a film made by Blank Blank Film (Carlos Vasquez & Petri Henriksson), and the b-side consists of field recordings made on the set of said film. Sound and images overlap – is it the music that reflects the images or vice versa?


This audio visual clash is more evident in her live show, music pouring out from four different channels and mechanical objects that move through the physical space. To achieve all of this Nes has programmed her own compositional system for this concert using Max/MSP.


By: Ekko