Susanne Ciani & NeoTantrik

Pre-Cert Home Entertainment - UK

Sounds from cola bottles, the sea and pinball

Without you knowing it, you have almost certainly heard Suzanne Cianis music. She is the woman behind several iconic advertising vignettes from the seventies, such as the sound of a bottle of Coca-Cola opened - pop! - Before the contents poured cascades down into a glass. She is also the woman behind the jingles and sound effects for the Xenon pinball game, Columbia Pictures and the video games manufacturer Atari. 

This work was something Ciani primarily made to fund an artistic exploration of electronic music. As a composition student at Berkeley, Ciani (born in 1946) came in contact with Don Buchla, a pioneering figure in the development of synthesizers, which made her aware of the musical potential of the new technology. Filled with a drive to take these explorations further she created tens of commercial assignments a week for the film and television industry, while she also explored new compositional forms with avant garde composers like Phil Niblock, Philip Glass and Steve Reich.

By: Ekko