Laertes, Jiska Huizing & Rudi Valdersnes og Julie Silset (IT/NO/NL)

IDE002 Release party, med Laertes helt fra Roma med et live-sett, ny musikk fremført live av Jiska Huizing og Rudi Valdersnes fra utgivelsen IDE002, og et dj-sett av Julie Silset, som nylig har blitt en populær dj på grunn av de fascinerende, trippy dj-settene som passer for den eventyrlige danseren. Den nye vinylen, IDE002, vil være tilgjengelig å kjøpe på arrangementet, og det er mulig å hente den på galleriutstillingen dagen etter mellom 12-17.

Ideophone Records and Ekko presents IDE002 Release night, featuring Laertes all the way from Rome with a live-set, new music performed live from the vinyl-released residents Rudi Valdersnes and Jiska Huizing, and a dj-set by Julie Silset, who recently have become a popular dj to book due to her mesmerizing, trippy dj-sets fitting for the adventurous dancer.

The new vinyl, IDE002, will be available to buy at the event and pick up at the gallery exhibition the morning after from 12–17.

About Ideophone:
Ideophone Records is a record label from Norway, focusing on electronic and electro-acoustic music
for an adventurous dance floor. Within that field, they do not want to narrow down to a specific
genre, but rather explore the numerous exciting possibilities for experimental dance music. The label
was founded by Jiska Huizing, Julie Silset and Rudi Valdersnes in 2018. All three are active in the
cultural field, among others as DJ’s, musicians, organizers and artists and found each other through a
common interest in obscure club music and a wish to contribute to a more diverse environment in
both musical expressions, productions and events.

About Ekko:
Ekko is an annual festival for electronic and experimental music and sound art in Bergen. The festival features a tightly curated international and local programme with concerts, dj-sets, commission works, art, talks, screenings and multidisciplinary acts. The coming festival is the 16th edition, and features amongst others William Basinski, Giant Swan, Ellen Arkbro, Sugai Ken, Buttechno, Ceephax Acid Crew and more, at several venues from 23–26th of October. Ekko also curates a concert and club programme throughout the year, mainly at Østre. More info at


22.00 - 03.00, 7th SEPTEMBER
ID 18, vergeordning tilgjengelig
CC: 120,-


By: Ekko