Prøverommet på Østre (NO)

Prøverommet på Østre mandag 29. april.

Varighet: Kl. 20:00 - 23:00


Pris: 40,-

Tekst fra arrangør:
Dance, concerts and art at Østre this upcoming Monday. We are excited to present the artists who are with this evening, keep updated as they are announced.

Mina Weider
Ellen Marie Løkslid
Odin Austefjord
Noëmi Jufer

Every other Monday Prøverommet brings life to a variety of art expressions; visual art, performance, literature, video art, installation art, dance, photo, theatre and more. Young artists and art lovers gather to explore and shake up the underground scene in Bergen.

Hope to see you!

Price: 40,-

Mina Weider
We look forward to present “Oldemors dans” (Great grandmothers dance) by and with dance artist Mina Weider. Mina Weider is a performing and creating dancer in the free field working mainly in Oslo. She graduated with a Masters in dance from KHIO i 2017, and has since worked with her own projects and with others, among them Rosa Moshtaghi, Ingeleiv Berstad and Magnus Sparsaas.

“Oldemors dans” (Great grandmothers dance) is a solo where Weider continues to work on the works of Astri Lied, her great grandmother who was a performing and creating dancer in the 30’s and 40’s in Oslo. By finding responses in her own body, Weider has developed a solo, or as she calls it “duet in a solo”, where she meets her great grandmother Astri on stage through physical movement material.

Improlab consists of a group of freelance dance artists in Bergen who experiments and tries out ideas and work together in improvisation. On monday we can see Brita Grov, Malin N. Vangsnes, Katrine Patry, David Alræk, Ine Terese Hogstad and Suzette M. Miller explore different forms of touch. Touch can be sorely needed, and it can be a power play. It can be personal or unpersonal. And regardless how we decide to use our body, we can never control it completely.

Ellen Marie Løkslid / Elly
Ellen marie Løkslid started as a singer and songwriter in 2006, and has built her musical identity with references to Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Raitt. Ella reaches out to audiences in a wide age spectre, and the timelessness of her music is one of its biggest strengths. In her last release “To Somewhere Peaceful”, the soundscape is airy and has a big span, the instrumentation is faithful and stable, and it is played to especially accentuate the voice.

Ellen Marie Løkslid has since the start had the opportunity to collaborate with a bouquet of skilled musicians; among others Anders Engen, Audun Erlien, Bjørn Klakegg, Knut Reiersrund, song lyricist Jeff A. Wasserman and the Fleetwood Mac legend Jeremy Spencer. The result is two critically acclaimed albums “Heal My Heart” and “To Somewhere Peaceful”.

reSouza is a Brazilian-Norwegian singer/songwriter based in Bergen, Norway. Influenced by folk and bossa nova she sings about how it is to be torn between two cultures, long distance relationships and things that engage or provoke her.

Noëmi Jufer
Being at a foreign place is an inspiring thing. And so is the time for Noëmi Jufer as an exchange student here in Bergen. The beauty of nature, many new people, the long distance to Switzerland, the happy and sad moments... Luckily she is a musician and can express those feelings with her voice. She is going to perform some of her songs, something like jazz, together with her band at prøverommet. With her is Roar Kjeldahl Berntsen on guitar and Thomas Linde Lossius on bass.

Odin Austefjord
Odin Austefjord works on the border between sculpture and painting. Paintings with three dimensional elements are mounted upon a sculpture. The combination of paintings and sculpture could be seen as a single installation. In this installation you'll see geometric shapes meeting organic shapes which creates contrasts. These contrasts could be seen as societal questions. Questions that look upon humans correlations towards nature.

By: Østre