There is no Here, Here

BIT – There is no Here, Here

Gisle Martens Meyer kjent fra Ugress presenterer forestillingen There is no Here, Here i samarbeid med BIT. Med en green screen beveger artisten seg inn i redigerte virkeligheter, akkompagnert av egen musikk. Forestillingen ble tidligere vist på Oktoberdans 2016.
Multi: Borealis


How do we listen, and how do you compose when the audience is surrounded by sound? Multi: 26 speakers give a sensation of surround, three dimensional sound, and features during Borealis both live music, finished works and opera.
Månen med dj Thomas Urv

Månen with Thomas Urv

Techno all night long with local man in the moon: dj Thomas Urv.
Workshop w/ Bergsveinn Birgisson & Thor Magnusson

Sonic Writing - workshop

Workshop at Lydgalleriet with diverse forms of sonic writing like abstract poetry, sound-poetry or after-language poetry, textual musical notation, algorithmic notation, secondary musical notation, concrete poetry, and graphic notation.
Post Performance Houseparty – Anders G

Houseparty – Anders G

Post performance houseparty med Anders G. Gratis inngang med billett til forestillingen før!
Post Performance Rave – Marikie

Rave – Marikie

Local techno dj Marikie turns Østre into a rave-like club all night long. With vj Adamek setting the mood.