Heyerdahl & Pandreas (NO)

Pandreas is a relatively new addition to Norway’s ever-expanding electronic scene. His EPs have gathered critical acclaim from Thelineofbestfit, Pitchfork and The Guardian, to mention a few. 
Heyerdahl on the other hand, is a pop band consisting of four veterans from Oslo’s indie scene. Their debut «Øen» from 2013 was recorded in an old lighthouse out at sea, and it received massive reviews both in Norway and abroad.

At this year’s Ekko, these two acts will meet for a unique colab on stage. One can expect new versions of Heyerdahls catchy pop mixed with some fire for the dance floor from Pandreas, and it’s certainly going to get exciting, as these guys are all experts in their respective fields. 

By: Asle Bakke Brodin