Aïsha Devi

Houndstooth - CH

Aïsha Devi is a Swiss/Nepalese-Tibetan producer, who mentions Sufism and Tibetan monks as her major influences. Besides founding her Swiss-based imprint, Danse Noire, releasing leftfield electronic music from the likes of IVVVO and Vaghe Stelle, Devi’s latest solo productions are a further testament to her personal evolution. In October 2015 London's eclectic label Houndstooth released Devi's «Of Matter and Spirit», her newest LP with original material. The album encapsulated the spiritual metamorphosis and transcendental journeys of this otherworldly figure. Aïsha Devi published the LP under her birth name, adding further integrity and candour to this already intimate piece. In March this year Houndstooth returned with the «Of Matter and Spirit remixes EP» to remind us about the sonic wonders hidden in Aïsha Devi's debut album. The EP featured remixes from Berlin's Mind:Body:Fitness and Ninja Tune’s Throwing Shade, to mention some.

By: Asle Bakke Brodin