Echoes of Jihlava (CZ)


A Selection of Czech Creative Documentaries from the 19th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, the largest event of its kind in the Central and Eastern Europe. All screenings are with free admission. Each screening is followed by Q&A with the film directors.

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 9 | 19.00 Østre (Østre Skostredet 3, Bergen)

RINO dir. Jakub Wagner | Czech Republic | 2015 | 95 min

The Still Life of Vera dir. Greta Stocklassová | Czech Republic | 2015 | 9 min

Mum and Emma. Emma and Mum dir. Greta Stocklassová | Czech Republic | 14 min


Encounters of the distant and the close; that is how the selection of Czech documentaries screened at Jihlava IDFF 2015 could be summed up in a nutshell. Filip Remunda explored the streets of Kiev and the Ukrainian countryside, seeking a country which is very close to him both personally and mentally, the paradoxes of which, however, he cannot comprehend. Vít Klusák tried to enter the mind of Czech Republic’s finance minister, a successful businessman and media owner in one person; a man giving away doughnuts and five thousand crown notes at a railway station at 5 am, a man whose mind is impenetrable even to the patient eye of the documentarist’s camera. The portrait genre as a tough nut to crack, as an ideological arena, has also resonated in the films RINO and The Dangerous World of Doctor Doleček, looking outside the Czech Republic and touching upon the ambiguous identity and recent wars thanks to their protagonists. Foreign countries as a space that is remote both geographically and culturally have become a crucial theme in contemporary Europe. In Jan Foukal’s film with an eponymous name, Amerika is an imaginary and idyllic place; while to the protagonist of Rino, a former agent of the Eastern Bloc, it is a place filled with concern embodied by his voice and the camera drifting through the streets of Washington D.C. The camera of the short film Hate, on the other hand, examines the seashore lined with motionless bodies, materializing the fears and wrongs of our continent in a cacophony of virtual images. Europe could be a dangerous world. Good documentary films try to contribute to the understanding of what is within our grasp as well as to driving away the fears of what seems distant and strange.

Echoes of Jihlava IDFF in Bergen are integral part of the DOC.STREAM Norway project.

The project is organized in cooperation with Vestnorsk filmsenter and Bergen International Film Festival.


By: Asle Bakke Brodin