«Ma.Org Pa.Git»

Crónica - NO Utøvere: Alexander Rishaug, Sigbjørn Apeland, Ivar Peerson

Alexander Rishaug is a sound artist, producer and musician. He is inspired by repetetive patterns and drones from minimalistic composers such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley. He works with sounds that are melodic, melancholic and quiet. He explores tones and textures with electronics, field recordings and gadgets or through experimentation with different instruments.

At this years Ekko Rishaug will play live music from his fifth solo record; Ma.Org Pa.Git. The album consists of to long pieces played on a church organ and an electric guitar. Through this piece, Rishaug will explore the relationship between sound, space and acoustics through manipulation of timbres and frequencies.

The first piece, Ma.Org, is based on sound from a church organ. Throuhg amplifying the sound of air and mecanics while the organs tonal qualities are brought to the fore, the aim is to create organic timbres and leaning overtones. Part two, Pa.Git, is based on the sound of an old tube amp and an electric guitar. With feedback and use of monotone chords, the piece builts up slowly towards a closing crescendo.

Rishaug is accompanied to Ekko by two star musicians from Bergen; Sigbjørn Apeland on the church organ and Ivar Bjørnson from Enslaved on guitar. Together the piece will be performed in Norway for the very first time. The concert is a collaboration with nyMusikk Bergen.

By: Asle Bakke Brodin