Dreamspaces (IT)

Antonio Della Marina & Alessadra Zucchi


Live sound installation by Antonio Della Marina and Alessadra Zucchi (IT)


Dreamspaces is a sound and light piece. It is strongly site-specific, it emphasizes and reveals the acoustical and visual characters of a space by exploiting its natural reverb and its architectural elements. The soundscape is made of acoustic long sustained saxophone notes tuned in just intonation and played in counterpoint with a electronic generated sinewave drone. Due to the carefully chosen tuning intervals, strong resonances and vibrational manifestations of air arise from time to time, rendering the evidence of sound behaviour in space.


Video is not really a video, rather a subtle moving light design. Projections are on walls, partitions and ceilings, video deformations are intentional. Stills of architectural and light details shot on location are re-projected on the space itself to relocate the audience and suggesting links with other immaginary places.


Dreamspaces aims to abolish time in favour to a contemplative mood.

By: lydgalleriet