Andrew Christopher

BrukBar - N

There are many enthusiasts in Norway. However, it is rare that they possess all the skills required for success in such a challenging field of electronic music. Andrew Christopher is fortunately an exception. As the booking manager of the clubs Brukbar and Leutenfest, he has done an excellent job of drawing the audience, without it getting at the expense of quality. With names like Fort Romeau, Evian Christ, Idjut Boys, Just Blaze, HNNY, Tornado Wallace, Auntie Flo and Ryan Hemsworth one would think Andrew is in a metropolis and not in Trondheim.



The same can be said about Andrew behind the turntables. With leftfield house and music from credible record labels Studio Barnhaus, Aniara, RVNG Intl, 100% Silk and ESP Institute, he is an uncompromising dj that is just as keen to introduce audiences to new music as to satisfy their urge to move their feet.

By: Ekko