Dj Harvey (UK)

If you could take a peek at who your favourite festivals dream about being able to have on their posters, my guess would be that Dj harvey would be in the top three on almost every one of them. Harvey Basset, or Dj harvey which most people know him as, emigrated from Great Britain to the US, and has been a dj since the 80s. What makes him special is that he has remained interesting and has continued to push borders throughout his career. He recently released the critically acclaimed album “wildest dream” and has been a driving force behind the projects: “Map of Africa” and “Locussolus”. But first and foremost, he's an incredibly good dj. It is he who is the «dj's» dj. There are a lot of excellent mixes by him on the internet, you can pick any mix really, but as with most of the good things in life: You owe yourself to experience a dj set by Dj Harvey in real life, trust us.

By: Asle Bakke Brodin