Jaakko Eino Kalevi

Weird World - FI

This tram driver has been a central figure in the music scene in Helsinki. With a number of very different – and often self released cassettes he has covered various genres: casio tango, no wave, and bedroom pop.


With the album "Modern Life" from 2010 he merged together many of his influences to a mesmerizing and distinctive blend of dub, scrawny disco, psychedelia and eighties synth pop. The album quickly led to cult status, EP release on company Domino, and touring around the world. When he played at by: Larm festival in Oslo in winter, he captivated his audience with introspective personae, his dreamy falsetto singing, and surprising harmonies and interesting song structures.


That Kalevi cites Lee "Scratch" Perry, Chris Rea and Ariel Pink as sources of inspiration, should give a good idea of what he is doing. Check out the song "Flexible Heart", and you’ll quickly notice that you too will be hooked.


By: Ekko