Techno Producer Rrose wants to remain anonymous, and often perform in drag during concerts or dj sets. According Rrose is the idea behind the scene outfit and artist name is to express a "playful protest against a largely masculine genre", but it is also a tribute to the pioneering French artist Marcel Duchamp. In the 1920s Duchamp often appeared in drag under the pseudonym Rrose Sélavy, famously in a photo series by Man Ray. A separate small world of artistic expression evolved gradually around the character Sélavy.


The alias for Rrose is thus clearly rooted in the history of art. While the techno he creates definitely have to be described as sophisticated and smart, this does not mean that his music appeals primarily to the intellect. With a number of releases on the label Sandwell District and his own Eaux he creates dark, hypnotic music aimed at the whole body. Rrose stated that he wants to achieve the following with the music: He wants to provoke hallucinations in the listeners. He wants to create an immersive space where the listeners sensory functions will be overwhelmed and confronted. Perceptions of time and space disappear, but most importantly of all: People should dance.


By: Ekko