Carsten Seiffarth

Panelsamtale-deltaker, Dag 2. - DE

Carsten Seiffarth runs the legendary Singhur Hörgalerie in Berlin, and has been doing so since 1997.

He holds a unique position in Europe, as he is that curator in the world who has worked the longest and most thorough with sound art. He oftens works with artists over many years on different projects. Carsten has collaborated with all of the most important sound artists, such as Terry Fox, Bernhard Leitner, Rolf Julius and Christina Kubisch. In addition to his practice at Singhur Hörgalerie, Carsten has during the last years acted as guest curator within many galleries and museums. In Bonn he has been artistically responsible for the pioneerproject Bonn Hören, where he managed the task of engaging and involving city planners and politicians into a year–long focus on sound and sound–based art in public space.

Carsten was one of the artistic directors of Tesla Berlin and has for years been a leading spirit in conveying and developing sound art in Europe, and he has collaborated with Lydgalleriet in the development of Ephemeral Sustainability.

Information about Singuhr Hörgalerie og Bonn Hören.