Rolf Sachsse

The Archive of Het Apollohuis - DE Lecture

Rolf Sachsse will be giving a talk about the Het Apollohuis archive in Eindhoven. Many artists were presented in numerous exhibitions and installations, performances and concerts at Het Apollohuis, which also was a place where numerous art-theoretical debates were carried out in the years between 1980 and 1997. The house was to become an important center of the avantgarde in art and music under the directorship of its founders Paul and Hélène Panhuysen.
It is a pleasure to have Rolf with us for the conference. He is a trained photographer from the Cologne studio of Karl-Hugo Schmoelz and Walde Huth. He studied art history, communication research, and German literature in Munich and Bonn; and has a PhD thesis on “photography as a medium of architectural interpretation”. Rolf has been working as a freelance author, artist, curator, photographer, consultant since 1975. 

More about Rolf Sachsse here.