Maia Urstad

100 radios on spin touring Soundbarrier and Meanwhile, in Shanghai.. - NO Artist Comment

Maia Urstad is a Norwegian artist working within the intersection of audio and visual art, predominantly with sound installations and performances. Communication technology is a recurring theme in her work, often with the use of radio as the central auditory, visual and conceptual element. Urstad’s work has been presented in different contexts around the world, such as Bergen Art Museum, Lydgalleriet, Johannesburg Art Gallery, Mamam do Patio Recife Brasil, Prefix ICA Toronto and Malmö Konsthall. Maia is part of the international group freq-out, curated by Carl Michael von Hausswolff. Maia herself curates art projects through Maur Prosjekter, and was one of the founders of Bergen's very own Lydgalleriet. Her soundwork is published by Touch Music (MCPS). Maia is educated at Bergen National Academy of the Arts, and is also known as one of the guitar players in the new wave band Program 81 (later Program 82) who gained commercial success in Bergen in the beginning of the Eighties.

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