Edwin van der Heide

Sound, Space and Loudspeakers - NL Lecture

Edwin van der Heide will be giving a lecture on Sound, Space and Loudspeakers. As an artist and researcher in the field of sound, space and interactions, Edwin extends the terms of composition and musical language towards interactive and interdisciplinary directions. His work is concerned with installation, performance and context. Often the audience is placed in the middle of the work, challenged to actively explore, interact and relate to the artwork. Edwin has a background in electronic music, which contributes to his exploring and redefining of a given musical procedure. Edwin is Assistent Professor at The University in Leiden, and head of the Spatial Interaction Lab at the Royal Conservatory and Art Academy in Haag. He has shown his work in various renowned museums and festivals in The Netherlands, Germany, Chinaina, Spain, Austria, Japan, Taiwan, USA and Brazil.

More information about Edwin van der Heide here.