Prøverommet (NO)

Tekst fra arrangør:

We are entering Østre with:

Eirik Havnes and Craig Wells
Arthur Hureau
Tijs Ham
Yohei Hamada

Still possible to join us --> This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lysgaard will test four sounds. If the sounds are typical Lysgaard, you will feel it in your stomach.

Eirik Havnes and Craig Wells met in a bar in Bergen figuring out that their artistic practices where so similar they had to choose to either be arch-enemies or collaborators. Now they are creating tools together for multichannel concert-arrangements, where they explore how certain audio-effects and surround sound can be woven into one single expression. This night, they are using Havnes' live guitar sounds in a quadrophonic set for moving sound.

Tijs Ham (aka Tapage) is a Sound Artist / Artistic Researcher from the Netherlands. In his works he explores the sonic expression of chaos. The results include new electronic instruments, installations, compositions and performances and sometimes visuals.

Yohei Hamada is a Japanese dancer and dance artist based in Shimosuwa, Japan. He recently moved to Bergen where he engages in collaborations with other dancers and musicians. Yohei is researching body and movement looking for organic movement principles concerning time and space.

By: Østre