N O Ö S P H E R I C S // c o n f e r e n c e

n o ö s p h e r i c s // c o n f e r e n c e 

Noöspherics is a book by Erin Sexton, published by Topos Bokforlag. It includes process and traces of her 2017 solo exhibition Noösphere (Lydgalleriet, Bergen), along with interviews and essays by her local and international collaborators. Following the club night launch event, the public is invited to join a series of discussions and lectures with all project participants.

Søndag 22. april kl. 14:00 - 17:00

DR. MARIA WITEK is a neuroscientist and musicologist who investigates music cognition and psychology, with a special focus on rhythm, body-movement, and groove. She publishes her work widely and lectures internationally, exploring the intersections of cognitive philosophy, science, music analysis and dance music studies. She is a Senior Research Fellow in the Music Department of the University of Birmingham, U.K, as well as a Visiting Research Fellow at the Center for Music in the Brain (MIB), Aarhus University & the Royal Academy of Music, Denmark. 

MASAHIRO KAHATA is a Japanese artist and pioneer in the field of interactive brainwave technology. His sculptures and multi-media installations are informed by his life-long experience with UFOs and psychotronics (the interdisciplinary study of the interaction of matter, energy, and consciousness). He began constructing brainwave interfaces in the 1970s, linking them to computers in the 1980s. In 1991 he brought the world's first portable brainwave device to the market, the IBVA, which he continues to develop with open source technology today. After many years in NYC, he currently lives and works in Berlin, presenting his work at club events and collaborating internationally.

EIRIK STORESUND is an Old Norse Philologist, writer, and artist from the salt drenched coast of southwest Norway. Inspired by archaic societies and religions, his work tends to revolve around the numinous and burlesque intersections of perceived contrasts, such as tradition and modernity, the real and the imaginary, culture and nature, philia and phobia. Walking backwards into the future, he desperately tries to make sense of the human condition. 

ERIN SEXTON is a Canadian artist whose works could be described as ritualistic science fiction experiments. They accelerate toward speculative futures where alternate modes of perception might somehow liberate us. In her sculptures and installations she tries to blur the boundaries between abstract models and everyday objects, searching for playful potential within paradox. Global warming and existential threat are undercurrents in her work, explored through expanded notions of time and materiality. As a licensed amateur radio operator (LB9OH/VE2SXN), transmission and collaboration are central to her practice. She is currently based in Bergen.

BERGEN KRINGKASTER is a historic radio site located on Askøy, an island to the north of Bergen. It houses an original 1937 Telefunken broadcasting transmitter, which is the only one of this type in the world still intact. It is a Norwegian Cultural Heritage site and the former NRK AM broadcasting station for the region. Now it hosts Foreningen Bergen Kringkaster, a public radio museum and amateur radio club with the callsign LA1ASK. In addition to amateur radio activities, the club members regularly organize public outreach, education, and local broadcasting opportunities.

The event is free, but donations to the Bergen Kringkaster are most welcome. Tea, coffee, and snacks will be served.

More info on the 2017 exhibition: http://erinsexton.com/noosphere/

Lørdag 21. april 
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