Richard Blanco, Thomazii, EddieDaBass

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Mark your calendars for April 14th for the official party of Bergen’s freshest club concept, 123BPM
123BPM is curated by three local music enthusiasts who have run the gamut through the enormous genre of electronic music narrowing in on house music. These three from 123 have been switching between promoting, producing, DJing, and even a little dancing in between. 

With the exceptional pool of talent locally and within Norway, 123 is focusing on showcasing the local underground sounds and art. At 123 bpm one can expect a journey through the likes of house, tech house, deep tech and beyond

Top floor: Deep/Tech house


Eddie DaBass has a long history within electronic music and in the last decade has been an active part of the trio, R.E.C comprised of Ralph Myers, Carina Faye, and himself. Shortly after they began working together they hit the jackpot in a remix competition. It was a remix of techno legend Abe Duque & Blake Baxter with the track 'What happened" The remix received rave reviews and they continue to produce sounds all while promoting and Doing on the side. 


Thomazi (Thomas Wilhelmsen) got his start at an early age as a 10 year old boy buying dj mixers and lightning equipment. He got is own speaker soundsystem and saving all his money on all that he can get that included DJ gear. When he turned 15 of age he started playing at Bars and Clubs in the city of Bergen. (BlueVelvet, Metro, Roof Garden, KlarBar, Mood, ContraBar to name a few). He got a better network by doing so and Thomazi began spinning vinyl and bought his first Technics back in 1997. He came into contact with Trance, House and Progressive House music from 1999 and he was quickly drawn into it. Some of his favorite inspirations are djs like Sasha & John Digweed, Danny Howells and Deep Dish to name just a few. Meeting his dj partner in crime Eddie Da Bass and DJ Carina Faye back in 2003 he started a friendship that had a deeper focus into Deep house and Tech House music. Buy 2005 Thomas traveled to WMC (Winter Music Conference) in Miami and has been traveling around picking up different genres and top parties events around the world. Making his resident dj at Club Feliz from 2006 to 2012 he has been in the club sceen in Bergen for ages. Thomazi has focused on building a club culture in the Bergen underground scene for years and from 2013 he started off being the booking manager and resident DJ at KoNo16 where Thomazi arranged big parties and events, booking DJs from all around Norway and outside the country focus on Undergroundsounds like Techno, Tech House and House music. He gave a chance to many new and upcoming djs to play there music thet they liked and made KoNo16 a place where people got into the electronic music vibe. By 2014 Thomazi got in touch with Richard Blanco and all of his crew of “Sista Låten” and has joined forces with some of there Raves and club Consepts around the underground sceen in Bergen. Thomazi has been a warm up DJ for many differnts Djs and played togetter with many Djs. He has warmed up for Timo Maas (KOSMO 2013), FinneBassen (Club KOK 2014), DJ Friendly (KoNo16 2015) Olle Abstract (KoNo 2015), Nils Noa (KoNo 2016), Devan (KoNo2017), Per Hammar (KoNo2017) to name a few. 
He has been doing many back2back sets also with the Mexican Dj Lugo at KlubbKlubb events, KoNo16 and Dwell “Deeper Night” events. You can catch Thomazi with friends at his monthly Club Concept "Deeper Nights" at Dwell. 

Now Thomazi is going on a new journey with a new venue and with a new consept “123bpm” togetter with Eddie Da Bass and Ricardo Blanco. They had a great event in November at Østre and are ready to make the next event even better and bigger. For more Info go to Thomazi website

Raymond Krossøy

Born and raised in Bergen, Norway, Raymond got his start behind the decks just recently, but this guy learns quickly and he learns well with excellent track selection. When in control of the music one can expect smooth and groovy tunes often with with Afro beat influences that keep everyone moving on the dance floor. Raymond's tune selection is accessible, but still underground with bass vocals with smooth melodies.

By: Hundreogtyvetre