Noösphere: Artist talk with Erin Sexton

"In October 2017 an experiment was conducted. At the Bergen Kringkaster on Askøy Island, two participant's brainwaves were sonified using psychotronic EEG technology. These signals were transmitted via amateur radio, bouncing off the different layers of the ionosphere, brushing up against cosmic particles, and exiting the atmosphere into space. An outdoor radio station in the Svartediket valley was set up to coordinate and record the process."

With a starting point in her ongoing exhibition NOÖSPHERE, Erin Sexton presents her artistic practice, work and methodologies in conversation with Julie Lillelien Porter. 
Erin Sexton is a Canadian artist who explores the poetics of theoretical physics and science fiction, imagining speculative futures through her play with materials, technology, and everyday objects. 

The conversation will be held in English. Welcome!

By: Pål